Soul Petrol is place for people who are mostly soul driven, care about wellness, humanity and have an artistic bent of mind.

Our indulgence is into different wellness activities, art forms, and hence, we love to celebrate the Spirit of Health, Art and Culture through the tireless and intricate handiwork of rural artisans without boundaries. We endeavor to bring a revival of the Bohemian culture, urban trends and traditional forms. Hence, create a sustainable fashion by providing a wide array of affordable products in unconventional colors and styles crafted with human dexterity and superlative quality checks in place.
At Soul Petrol, we showcase, sell and monetize creative work. Our thirst for art, bohemian fashion, discovery and travel has shaped our personalities. We help nurture local brands, analyze requirement flow and help them make better products amidst these noisy marketplace. 


The Spirit of Art and Culture 

Everything Hand Made is our Motto!

We try to bring beautifully Hand-Crafted, Sustainable & Eco-Friendly items.
“Not Mass Produced”
We make, we sell and make sure you’re happy with every order!

Our founders at Soulpetrol strive for constant excellence. We believe in a community without boundaries and amalgamation of cultures. Exclusive handmade woven items by Indian artisans we like to promote different art forms. Whilst celebrating different artisans and their work,we also bring to you a culture which is not particularly indigenous and strive to create a global community that subscribes to this Indian creative excellence.

Most of our products help our artisans in their livelihood. To help them further, sometimes, we acquire local brands. Our process is fairly simple and easy.
To know more, please connect with us and our team will connect with you.