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Thinking around the corner how a bag is made: Surprisingly the shape of this pyramid bag makes it extremely uncommon and a versatile piece. It is eye catching and girls love to carry them around as well.

Why not design one of this multi-purpose bag for yourself? Its fun, easy and we are super excited to share with you this DIY.


To do this craft, all you have to do is duplicate the cut out parts with the assistance of a tissue paper or a duplicate film. You can utilize a pen or pencil to outline and label all the significant lines and characters. Place the pattern pieces with the labeled side up on the fabric and trace all outlines onto the fabric

Now, at this point, cut out the pieces carefully. Once done, iron the Vliesofix on the left half of the lining or covering part.

Strip off the backing paper. Iron the pressed fixing part with the Viesofix side down onto the left half of the texture part. Fix with a higher temperature and steam if necessary (kindly make an ironing test with a small piece of fabric first).

Materials you would Need

So, let us get on to it step by step to do this sort of purse which you can do it yourself. Stationary needed

  1. One metal zipper, around ~16cm in length
  2. Scraps of fabric for the bag and lining
  3. Vliesofix (Vlieseline or Bakaram)
  4. Sewing thread, pins and a pair of scissors
  5. Hand sewing needle, measuring tape or any measuring instrument

Try this on a piece if paper first to get an idea and then use your fabric.


Pyramid Bag Step1
Step 1

Get your bag material ready. Press the seam allowance 1cm inwards on the edges for the zipper.

Pyramid Bag Step 2
Step 2

First, slide the zipper of your bag under an ironed edge. Now, pin it in. Place and stitch it in place with the zipper foot. Then secure the seam ends. Now, slide the zipper under the other edge and stitch it tight.

Step 3

Iron the long edges of the tape inwards of the bag, and then again fold it into half. Stitch the open long edges onto one another. Stitch the other long narrow edge .

Step 4

Lay the ribbon into half. Pin the ends of the ribbon on top of each other and insert them from the inside into the point at the end of the zipper. Stitch the ends of the ribbon firmly. Then open the zipper.

Pyramid Bag Step 5
Step 5

By now you are almost 75% on this. . Pin the bottom right sides of your cute looking purse together on the side parts. Finally, stitch the fabric in about 1cm width. Now, Turn your bag inside out.

Pyramid Bag

You have successfully made a cute looking mutli purpose pyramid bag for yourself.

Let us know how this bag came out for you.

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    Pyramid Bag

    Use the digital template

    If you are still facing issues to make this pyramid bag, download our template. Print the template from a printer and tile it together to create a full size stitching pattern. Instructions are inside to make it simple so that you can do it yourself.

    1. You can print this pyramid bag template as many times as you like, enabling you to stitch the pattern in various sizes and making aesthetic or fitting alterations to the pattern each time.
    2. Templates are easy and less expensive compared to envelope pattern since you are not paying for the packaging, shipping, and professional printing.
    3. You can start to stitch instantly! Download our template with detailed instructions to print and stitch at your own convenience.

    Here, you can download the printable PDF template to stitch a pyramid bag for yourself.

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