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Concealing how you feel can be liberating. But eventually you have to take off that mask. The question that puzzled me was, did people wear COVID masks under their Halloween masks? With Omnicron looming around, the uncertainty of life and lifestyle cannot be ruled out.

In the appropriate contexts, masking your true self can be healthy and freeing. Most of us with happy childhood memories can relate that putting on mask can be fun. The merits of masking is hotly debated. Some think we are our true selves when we wear a mask

Masking your true self can be healthy and freeing

People have been really creative with their masks as a style statement. There are masks made of everything; from repurposed designer handbags to aprons, torn jeans and raincoats.

Designers are putting their crafting skills to work in amazing mask-making endeavors. Some of the most gorgeous masks involve embroidery, often of scenes of nature. We have listed down some fancy masks that you would like to own.

Though, it becomes a problem when wearing a mask is not voluntary. In many cases we feel obliged to hide our true emotions, particularly when they are negative.

The threat of Covid-19, and yet again Omnicron has eclipsed the stigma of public mask-wearing. Right now, protective masks are no longer medical devices but a key parts of our cultural landscape and fashion. Somehow it feels like the new fashion ‘normal’. Inspired designs that beats the blue medical mask colors.

Resortwear clothing designed to wrap to the body for a personalized fit. Unique patent pending hand crafted
Safety mosaic masks

Kids are masked up all day but rip off the disguise as soon as their parents show up, because they know they are emotionally safe to do so.

Throwing out our COVID masks once and for all would be a relief. Our emotional masks are another matter, however. A world in which everyone expresses themselves completely freely is unimaginable, and probably undesirable.

People have tried to make some of these masks with their own creativity which we we are forced to wear to get along in life, and others we wear voluntarily and are afraid to remove.

Googly glasses

The energy required to maintain your identity is probably greater than you realize. And finding a way to relinquish it regularly can help you recharge.

Engaging in hive / community activities, such as religion and group entertainment, is an easy way to take a vacation from yourself. The key is to release yourself from your own constraints.

Over to you now, what do you think?

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