As the name itself says – “The Sound of Healing” is an age-old holistic approach for inner healing through soothing vibrations of sounds that promotes physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

This therapy has been used for years and is becoming more popular because to its capacity to induce relaxation, alleviate stress, and promote general health.

Sound Healers induce relaxation, relieve stress, and harmonize energy in the mind and body by using resonant tones of singing bowls. Sound therapy is based on both science and faith.

The Advantages of Vibrations of Sound Healing

Many diseases, including anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), dementia, behavioral and mental problems, and others, are treated with Integral Sound Healing.

It also helps you relax and reduces stress, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and the risk of heart disease and stroke, while enhancing sleep quality and general well-being.

The most notable advantage of sound therapy is deep relaxation created by sound vibrations that open, clear, and balance the chakras while releasing blocked energy.

Sound therapy, benefits our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being, leaving us feeling balanced and energized.


Deep relaxation – Helps you relax and reduce stress.

Emotional balance – Clams your emotions and bring balance.

Physical Well-being – Clears the body’s blockages and support healing.

Reduce pain and inflammation.

Improved sleep pattern

Reduction in severity of headaches / migraine

A more positive attitude towards life (reduce depression).   

Increase ability to deal with life’s challenges.

Improved memory and concentration

How does it work?

Sound healing sessions can be performed one-on-one with a professional practitioner, in which the client sitting or lays down while listening to sounds from healing instruments and feel the vibrations.

Depending on the services and method, the client can get therapeutic vibrations on and around the body utilizing unique tools such as Tibetan singing bowls and Tunning forks. 

Most of individuals like to remain calm, quiet, and relaxed for the healing sounds to infiltrate their mind, body, and soul.

Who should AVOID sound healing?

  • People who have a pacemaker or a stent in their heart must avoid Sound Vibration Healing.
  • People who have metal plates / screws in their body must avoid Sound Vibration Healing. 
  • Any open wounds or scars that have not yet healed must be avoided if there has been earlier nerve injury.
  • Women who are pregnant. 

Space Cleansing – Use Sound Vibrations for Energy Clearing

Over time, the spaces we live in can get cluttered, not just with things, but also in an energetic way. Spaces as well as elements contained within them do collect ‘unpleasant vibes”.

Many people can walk into a room and instantly pick up on the energy in that room. There can be negative energy left from a disturbing experience, or the energy could be stuck and stagnant.

There are various ways that energy can be cleared and transformed such as, Feng Shui, Crystals, Himalayan rock salt, and one of them is through sound vibrations created from Tibetan healing bowls.

When is the rightest time for Space Cleansing?  Any time! But especially if there is a disease. It can also be done at your office or home after renovation, painting, or redecorating.

You are responsible of the feeling in your home and life, So, if your life needs a little pick-me-up, enjoy the benefits of a “Space Cleansing.” 

“It’s a great way to find closure after a difficult time and a great way to cleanse the atmosphere we live in, especially in the winter and rough weather.” Not only will this make you feel happier in your home, but a Space cleansing thought sound vibrations might be just what you need at some point in your life.